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IHS HIT Modernization Project

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Workstream

The Technical Advisory Commission (TAC) is responsible for conducting the RPMS-EHR research project analysis process, which will ultimately culminate in a written set of recommendations to Regenstrief Institute group providing services related to the modernization research project. The Technical Advisory Commission overall is responsible for:

  • Developing processes to interpret and render consensus recommendations on the objective data  provided by the MRP
  • Sending representatives to other MRP meetings as needed to provide additional information or to clarify the contents of the recommendation documents created throughout the MRP.
  • Review all workstream data to produce recommendations for IHS EHR modernization to Regenstrief Institute group, so research project can be completed in order to present findings and analysis to IHS leadership and relevant stakeholders selected by IHS and HHS leadership. Analyze technical review results and provide recommendations for future RPMS-EHR activities

TAC Member Profiles

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Content last reviewed on May 1, 2019