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Success Stories: Impact of a Hepatitis C Cure for Veterans in VA Care

The Department of Veterans Affairs shares stories about Veterans who were cured of their hepatitis C infection.

Director’s Note from Richard Wolitski, Ph.D., Director, HHS Office of HIV/AIDS and Infectious Disease Policy: The efforts of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are an important example of what can be accomplished when commitment and resources exist to cure hepatitis C. This blog showcases the stories of Veterans who have been cured of their hepatitis C infection. Because of the commitment of the VA to address hepatitis C testing, care and treatment, more than 60% of Veterans known to have hepatitis C have now been cured.  With the expansion of approved direct-acting antiviral (DAA) therapies, there are now even greater opportunities for widespread treatment and cure for patients with chronic hepatitis C infection. The overall results of their efforts are the subject of a blog by Corinna Dan. The VA shows how an integrated delivery system dedicated to addressing viral hepatitis can achieve high screening and treatment rates among their patients and work toward elimination. We need many more examples like this so that they become the standard instead of the exception.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has made significant progress in curing Veterans infected with the hepatitis C virus (HCV). Three of the more than 92,000 Veterans cured by the VA, volunteered to share their story in a new series of short videos, encouraging Veterans to get tested and, if positive, get the new, highly effective treatments.

The impact of a cure is significant. Treatment takes about 12 weeks and cures most people who take it.

Finding out he was cured, Knute says, “was one of the most profound, happiest days of my life.”

“Treatment worked – it gave me my life back.”

”When I got the news that I had been cured, it was joyful. I had been waiting almost 20 years to hear that. It changed my whole life, and that’s a good feeling.”

If you, or a Veteran you know needs hepatitis C treatment, please contact your local VA. If you are not sure if you are eligible for VA services, contact VA benefits.

Veterans are sharing their success stories of living with and beating #HepC. Via @DeptVetAffairs. https://go.usa.gov/xnjV5

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