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Hepatitis Tags: Hepatitis A

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CDC announced the availability of funding to support viral hepatitis surveillance, outbreak response, elimination planning, and prevention services.
Hep Free Hawai'i
Hep Free Hawai'i’s viral hepatitis elimination strategy leverages statewide partnerships with the goal of eliminating hepatitis across the islands by 2030.
Special Topic
New legislation, Catch-Up to Get Ahead Toolkit, hepatitis vaccinations during COVID-19 and more. Don’t wait to vaccinate.
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In this Dear Colleague letter, CDC shares updates from the most recent hepatitis surveillance report.
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In this letter from the CDC, the agency encourages public health professionals to review new and updated hepatitis A vaccine recommendations.
Tagged: Hepatitis A
Viral Hepatitis
CDC’s Winnable Battles framework helps align and accelerate intra- and interagency work around high-priority health concerns, including hepatitis.
CDC Logo
In this Dear Colleague letter from the CDC, directors share updates on the state of hepatitis in the United States.
CDC’s new resource addresses COVID-19 and viral hepatitis, highlighting what people living with hepatitis B and/or hepatitis C can do to protect themselves.
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
Alaska has eliminated new HAV and HBV infections and linked 90% of patients with chronic HBV to care in the Alaska Native population, now working toward HCV elimination across the entire state
National Hispanic Hepatitis Awareness Day
In this Communication, the Latino Commission on AIDS provides information about the impact of the viral hepatitis epidemic among the Latinx/Hispanic community, providing resources and calling stakeholders to promote awareness of Hepatitis among Latinos.


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