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National Viral Hepatitis Action Plan

The National Viral Hepatitis Action Plan 2017-2020 (Action Plan), is a new phase in the fight against viral hepatitis in the United States. The updated plan outlines four major goals, strategies to achieve those goals, and indicators to help track progress between now and 2020. The plan was developed collaboratively by more than 20 federal partners from the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Justice, and Veterans Affairs with input from nonfederal stakeholders.

The Action Plan is a national plan, not just a federal plan. It recognizes that success cannot be achieved by federal action alone—it requires the support and commitment of a broad mix of stakeholders from various sectors, both public and private. The Action Plan’s goals and strategies are intended to guide individuals and organizations from all sectors of society to strengthen our collective national response to HBV and HCV infection. Everyone has a role to play in the battle against viral hepatitis in the United States. Read more about the Action Plan

Learn about the goals, priorities, and stakeholders involved in the national Viral Hepatitis Action Plan.

Developing the Next National Viral Hepatitis Strategy Tile

Viral Hepatitis Community Action

Information for and about non-Federal partners engaged in viral hepatitis efforts, and resources for community stakeholders to get engaged

Federal Response

Learn about which federal agencies are implementing the national Viral Hepatitis Action Plan and find links to hepatitis B and C resources on their websites.

Monitoring Progress

Learn about how progress implementing the U.S. national Viral Hepatitis Action Plan is monitored and reported.

Background and History

Information about the origin of the nation’s first coordinated plan to respond to hepatitis B and hepatitis C, including information about the 2011 plan and its 2014 update.

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Content last reviewed on April 2, 2019