Program Support Center (PSC)

Program Support Center (PSC) is a shared services organization dedicated to providing support services to help its customers achieve mission-critical results. More than 40 services and products support three crucial business areas:

  • Financial Management
  • Occupational Health
  • Real Estate, Logistics, and Operations
  • Acquisitions


Michael Saunders is the Acting Director for the Program Support Center.


PSC offers a range of accounting services that meet strict federal financial management requirements and applicable federal accounting and transaction standards.

Acquisition Management Services

Provides fully integrated acquisition and strategic support to HHS agencies.

Board for Correction

Works with U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps Officers to correct the record of any corps officer when necessary or remove injustices and manages the appeal process.

Building Operations

PSC maintains and operates federal and leased facilities at 5600 Fishers Lane, Maryland locations, SW Complex, and Washington D.C. locations.

Debt Collection

The Debt Collection Center has provided debt collection services to customer agencies since it was established in 1995. In May 2002, the United States Department of the Treasury designated the Program Support Center as a debt collection center. This Treasury authority is certified through January 29, 2023.

Federal Real Property Assistance Program

Oversees government-wide requirements of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act and the proper use of the property after it is transferred.

FedResponse Contact Center

PSC provides contact center support for all federal agencies through toll-free numbers, email, interactive voice response, and self-service web portals.

Financial Reporting Services

Provides support services for the preparation of OMB and Treasury-mandated financial reports.

Grants Management

PSC administers one of the most widely utilized grants payment systems in the federal government, managing more than 70% of grant dollars disbursed for the federal government.

Indirect Cost Negotiations

PSC offers a full range of top-level review and negotiation services for indirect cost rate proposals and cost allocation plans associated with Federal grants and contracts.

Intake, Suitability, and Badging

PSC's intake, suitability, and badging service fulfills the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Mail and Publishing

PSC Mail and Publishing Services provides reliable, timely, cost-effective mail and publishing services to federal agencies.

Physical Security, Emergency Management, and Safety

PSC's Physical Security, Emergency Management, and Safety (PSEMS) provides oversight and support of physical security, emergency management, and safety across HHS.

Real Property Policy and Strategy

Real Property Policy and Strategy provides HHS-wide real property portfolio policy development, and utilization and compliance oversight.

Space Design and Construction

Space Design and Construction assists federal agency customers in acquiring new space and reconfiguring space in U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) owned and leased space.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management Services (SCMS) partners with customers to develop and implement leading edge supply chain solutions to meet mission requirements anywhere in the world.

Transportation Services

Provides transportation and travel shared services to HHS, minimizing the public burden of federal agency business administration costs and enabling HHS agencies to devote their resources to performing their core missions and reaching their critical objectives.

Federal Occupational Health (FOH)

Provides clinical services to improve the health of the federal workforce at Health and Wellness Centers located in federal buildings throughout the United States and through a large network of private-provider physicians and nurses.

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