IEA Mission Statement

Functions of the Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs (IEA):

  • Advises HHS on state, local, and tribal issues.
    • advises Departmental officials on state, local, and tribal perspectives regarding HHS policies and programs.
    • facilitates the coordination and implementation of Administration and Secretarial initiatives at the headquarters, regional, state, tribal, local and community levels.
    • formulates and recommends Department policies on the delivery of services to states, territories and communities.
    • ensures that HHS services are consistent in approach on state, local, and tribal levels of government.
  • Facilitates communication between HHS and state, local, and tribal governments.
    • serves as the Departmental liaison to state, local, and tribal governments and the organizations that represent them.
    • represent the Secretary and Deputy Secretary in communications with intergovernmental officials of other Federal agencies, officials of state, tribal and local governments, and non-governmental organizations, including national advocacy groups and national associations that represent state, local, and tribal governments.
  • Coordinates the HHS Regional Offices.
    • directs the Regional Directors (RDs) and their offices in their role in planning, development and implementation of Departmental policy.
    • serves as point of contact between the SRRs and the Regional Offices.

Functions of the Director of IEA:

  • advises the Secretary and senior HHS staff on the intergovernmental aspects of HHS policies, programs, and initiatives.
  • coordinates the Department’s strategies to strengthen intergovernmental relationships and works with governors, state legislative leaders, county and city officials, and tribal leaders to improve multi-level coordination of Health and Human Services’ programs.

Functions of the Secretary’s Regional Directors:

  • represent the Department in direct official dealings with state, local, and tribal governmental officials and offices, as well as non-government organizations.
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