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Executive and Scientific Resources Division (ESRD)

Director: Charlie McEnerney

Staff Directory

ESRD provides quality hiring services, program management and oversight, technical guidance, operational support, customer focused solutions, expert consulting, and strategic leadership that promotes effective executive resources management.

Learn more about the Senior Executive Service (SES) at the OPM website.

FY 2016 Performance-Based Compensation Guidance for Senior Executive Service, Senior Level and Scientific and Professional Executives

Policy & Programs

  • SES, SL and ST Policy
  • Executive Equivalents (T-42) Policy/SBRS Experts and Consultants
  • SES Allocations/Biennial
  • Performance Management
  • Performance Recognition
  • Presidential Rank Awards
  • Executive Compensation Policy
  • Leadership Development
  • Adverse Action and Conduct
  • Ethics and Political Activity
  • OPM Coordination
  • Transition Briefings
  • Plum Book
  • White House Liaison Coordination
  • SES Rotational Programs

Employment & Transactional Services

  • Employment Management Advisory Services
  • Executive and Title 42 Recruitment
  • Hiring (Classification & Staffing)
  • Title 42 Overseas Employment
  • On-boarding and Orientation
  • Induction Ceremony
  • Executive Core Competency (ECQ) Refinement
  • Pay Setting
  • Executive and Schedule C System (ESCS)
  • Database Development and Maintenance
  • Personnel Processing
  • Records Maintenance
  • Executive Distribution Lists
  • Annual Notifications
  • Organizational Charts & Position Management Reorganizations
  • SES CDP Program
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