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Human Capital Management

The Human Capital Management team offers the guidance and information needed to help place people in jobs that best match their skills, abilities and interests. Through the team's efforts, HHS employees are developed, deployed and evaluated in ways that focus on results rather than processes.  This innovative approach helps to create a workforce that is ready to provide high-quality services and meet the Department's unique challenges.

HCM Vision

The HHS Human Capital Management team envisions a world-class HHS workforce that is ready to solve the health and human service challenges of the 21st century, and is prepared to provide high quality service to our Nation. 

HCM Goals

  • Align human capital planning and management with the Department's Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2010–2015
  • Ensure HHS operating and staff divisions are structured to provide efficient, cost-effective service in order to respond quickly to changing business needs.
  • Ensure the workforce is highly competent, well prepared, and committed to achieving the Department's increasingly complex mission.
  • Develop outstanding leaders prepared to lead in a dynamic environment by ensuring continuity of leadership and a learning environment (i.e., sharing critical knowledge across the organization).
  • Create and administer a comprehensive performance management system that aligns the Department's mission, goals and objectives with the day-to-day work of HHS employees, and motivates employees to achieve their best.


Employee Survey

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