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Tools and Resources

OPM Training Resources  

Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to implement the hiring reform changes effectively. OPM has a number of resources and training materials geared to each of the six requirements. 

Elimination of Written Essays (KSAs)

Use of the Resume and Cover Letter

Use of Category Rating to rate and rank applicants

Four-point Applicant Notification

Manager accountability and involvement

Quality and speed of hiring

Accelerated Hiring Process for Offices Serviced by the Atlanta and Bethesda Human Resources Field Offices 

The Accelerated Hiring Process (AHP) is a recruiting and hiring process model used by the Atlanta and Bethesda Human Resources Field Offices to engage hiring officials in attracting and recruiting highly qualified talent in a timely manner. Timelines and standards have been developed for various phases of the recruitment process. These timelines and standards provide recruitment goals for meeting the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) established average hiring requirements.  The accelerated hiring targets are possible through:

  • Program and human resources joint responsibility for a consistent process;
  • Pre-Recruitment Consultations; and
  • Accurate tracking and reporting mechanisms.

The benefits of the AHP include increased productivity in accomplishing program mission; reduction in re-work; reduction in hiring time; and enhanced quality of candidates with the usage of subject matter experts and in the development and utilization of better job analysis criteria and assessment tools.

Other Tools and Resources


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