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Introduction to R and Visualization (2 weeks)

Prerequisites: While no prerequisites are required, people with some experience working with data are best suited for this program.

  • Introduction to data science and fundamentals of R–1 week, 2 classes
  • Fundamentals of R programming
  • Wrangling and cleaning data–1 week, 2 classes
  • Introduction to data visualization

Machine Learning and Text Mining in R (6 weeks)

Prerequisites: Students should be comfortable using R to manipulate data and must know how to create basic visualizations. 

  • Introduction to data science and use cases–1 week, 2 classes
  • Introduction to foundational statistics
  • Best practices for model building–1 week, 2 classes
  • Clustering
  • Principal component analysis–1 week, 2 classes
  • Midway capstone presentations and outlines
  • Processing and cleaning text data–1 week, 2 classes
  • Text mining in R
  • Introduction to classification and kNN–1 week, 2 classes
  • Logistic regression
  • Decision trees and random forests–1 week, 2 classes
  • Final presentations and feedback

Capstone Project Plan chart. Topic & success requirements selected (Week 1), Project Plan developed including the skill sets and technologies required and data set identified (Week 1.5-2.5), Data set acquired and exploratory analysis and visualization performed (Week 2), Initial analysis performed & peer review (Week 3-4.5), Analysis refined (Week 4), Application development & peer review (Week 5-6.5), Final presentations and conclusions (Week 6.5).

Week 1: Topic and success requirements selected.

Weeks 1-2: Project plan developed including the skill sets and technology required, and data set identified.

Week 2: Data set acquired and exploratory analysis and visualization performed.

Week 3: Initial analysis performed & peer review.

Week 4: Analysis refined.

Weeks 5-6: Application development and peer review.

Week 6: Final presentations and conclusions.

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