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Innovation and Partnerships

The HHS Office of the CTO forms coalitions and collaborations to tackle "wicked problems" with diverse stakeholders while leveraging resources from all sectors to accelerate innovation and scale solutions for real-world impact.

KidneyX Innovation Accelerator

A public-private partnership with the American Society of Nephrology to prevent, diagnose, and treat kidney disease

Lyme Innovation

Our Lyme Innovation initiative harnesses the power of collaboration, open innovation, data-driven innovation, and emerging technologies for Lyme and tick-borne diseases


In collaboration with the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, PreventionX aims to improve health care for preventable non-communicable diseases

Ignite Accelerator

Internal innovation pipeline for HHS staff to learn agile, user-centered, and innovation skills

Open Innovation

We lead challenges, prizes, crowdsourcing, citizen science, and open innovation across HHS

Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Program

We recruit top private-sector talent to serve government and solve complex health challenges

Innovation/Demo/Startup Days

We convene the innovation, tech, and startup communities to solve tough problems and interact with HHS leadership
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Content last reviewed on May 15, 2020