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Consumer Access to IIS through Digital Tools

Goal of IZ Gateway Access

When consumers have easy, convenient, and electronic access to their health records, they can better control and manage their health and care. Enabling electronic consumer access to their records in immunization information systems, or IIS, fosters better vaccinated families and contributes to informed health decision making. Additionally, easy access to this information can equip consumers with the official immunization records they need for school, childcare, summer camp, work, and travel whenever they need it without having to keep track of paper-based certificates and records.

The Immunization (IZ) Gateway Access component enables consumers to access their and their family's immunization records and forecasts through easy-to-use digital tools.  This component applies a human-centered design approach to understand consumers' needs and design intuitive, easy-to use, solutions with and for them.

Benefits of Joining IZ Gateway Access

  • Consumers can control their family's health and care through easy-to-use digital tools
  • Consumers have convenient access to official immunization records for their needs (e.g. school, travel, work, doctor visits)
  • Consumers can receive updates and tailored notifications on upcoming and due or overdue vaccinations
  • Decreases record request burden on IIS programs and providers

Current Access Collaborators

Access: A Success Story

We conducted and analyzed consumer surveys for individuals that registered for the MyIR platform-an online portal that allows individuals to access their immunization records and forecasts online. The survey aimed to measure consumer interaction, how they heard about MyIR, and how records access informs their health decisions.

Action taken after MyIR participants learned a vaccine was needed
Pie chart depicting the actions taken when MyIR participants learned that a vaccine was needed.
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Respondents that indicated their records showed a past-due or needed vaccination are asked what action they took. In total, 40% of users took some form of action by either scheduling an appointment with their provider, calling their provider to confirm they needed the vaccine or to report an error in their record. Of those that scheduled visits, 60% of respondents indicated that they went on to receive the needed vaccine.

Learn More about IZ Gateway Access

Learn more about IZ Gateway Access and other IZ Gateway components and how to participate by contacting [email protected].

Content created by Office of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Content last reviewed on August 4, 2020