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Startup Days

Startup Days are a fantastic way for your startup to interact directly with HHS executives--we come to you!


Our aim is to demystify HHS, by making our vision, priorities, processes and ways to engage very simple, and immediately actionable. The Office of the CTO has historically been a conduit between HHS and the startup community. We are always trying to find new ways to interact, engage, and learn with this community. We are excited to meet local startups that work in health tech or gov tech and align with the HHS mission.

Marketplace perception

  • There are not enough lines of communication between key HHS personnel and healthcare stakeholders.
  • Both large and small healthcare companies are not sufficiently aware of all the relevant funding, regulatory and collaborative opportunities from HHS.


Innovation is critical for organizations to improve and evolve. Technology is changing at a rapid pace and HHS must be ready to evolve and improve at the same pace. At HHS we think about innovation everyday. We seek to create new solutions to address some of the most complex public health crises like the opioid epidemic or to streamline and modernize government through new processes to perform as a high-performing organization.

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Content last reviewed on October 3, 2018